Since 2003 we have impacted 422,547 children!

Education Programs
in the Schools, the Community,
and at the Museum

We at the Historical Society of Palm Beach County and the Richard and Pat Johnson Palm Beach County History Museum believe that history brought to life for children in a relevant, engaging manner can fling open doors of social and inter-generational understanding, provide powerful intellectual inspiration, and help children feel a sense of place and a pride for their heritage.

The Historical Society exists to further an understanding and appreciation of Palm Beach County history and heritage by collecting and preserving, interpreting, and exhibiting cultural resources for the education and enrichment of present and future generations.

Our Museum, which took six years to complete, enables the Society to weave our community into the fabric of daily life. Preparation for the “Museum Experience” enhances the visit and is strongly suggested. Popular classroom programs on Florida History and History and Civics are provided by the Society to students in the 4th and 7th grade (see “In the Schools” tab). The Society also provides Education Programs at the Museum and out in the community.


2015 – 2016 Educators Guide
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